Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jamie's Carvings at 5th Annual Annapolis Digby Tourism Showcase

Jamie's Carvings & Good Nature Photography will be attending The 5th Annual Annapolis Digby Tourism Showcase is a great opportunity for exhibitors to promote their products and services locally, creating awareness within our regional market. For attendees, it is a chance to experience the diversity of what our area has to offer while enjoying some great shopping! All kinds of things — crafts, clothing, jewellery, wines, gift certificates — are on offer.

The Tourism Showcase is open to the public on Saturday, from 9 AM until 4 PM. Admission is $2.

Workshops and special events, all around the theme of Community Beautification, are being added to this year's line up.

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1 comment:

alyce said...

hello a student at xavier university in louisiana. Im takin a sculpture class and we had to pick a meaning piece to mock with clay. While searching on the internet i came across your piece i also have to write a paper about the artist (you) and what was the meaning of the piece. i have my own meaning of your great work but do you mind telling me your purpose in the breaking chain piece? i love your art!