Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finished Acadian Star Fiddle and Bow

The Acadian Star Fiddle and Bow is finished!!!!!!!!!

The Acadian Star Fiddle & Bow

Fingerboard hand carved from Pau Amarello wood with Acadian Star Inlay.

Acadian Star Scroll
, neck, ribs, back & bridge hand carved from curly maple.

Belly hand carved from medium grain spruce. Tail Piece, Chin Rest, hand carved from Blood Wood. Nut carved from vegetable Ivory, Pegs caved from all four hard woods. Acadian Star Bow carved from Pernambuco & Pau Amarello with Acadian Star Inlay.

Hand carved in Clare Nova Scotia by Acadian Woodcarver Jamie Thibault

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Acadian Star Near Completion

My Acadian Star Fiddle is ready for the finishing process. Over 200 hours have went in to the creation of this piece. It is very special to me.

Pegs Fiddle Hand Carved Bloodwood Fiddle

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Chinrest Hand Carved Bloodwood Fiddle

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Acadian Star Fiddle New Photographs

Here are some new in progress photos of my second fiddle, The Acadian Star. Its is getting closer to completion. I can't wait to hear what she sounds like. This is the finger board. This is the fingerboard, hand carved from Pau Amarello wood with Acadian Star Inlay This is the clamps holding the belly in place. See hundreds of Carving Photos at

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jamie’s Carvings on Facebook

Jamie’s Carvings on Facebook

Join Jamies Carvings group on Facebook and your name will be entered into a draw every two months for a piece of Jamie’s Handcarved Tagua Jewelry.

These pendants are created from Tagua also known as Corozo or Vegetable Ivory, the seed of the Ivory Palm found in South America. For many decades Tagua has been used as a substitute for elephant ivory. Hand carved & polished. Each pendant is different.

All have tagua nut, all have one or a combination of non tarnish silver wire, gold wire, gun metal wire. Black cotton cord, Black leather cord, Black hemp cord, or natural hemp cord. The cords are adjustable. Each piece is finished with hemp oil. Do not wear Tagua Jewelry in water. Pendants handmade by woodcarver Jamie Thibault in Clare, Nova Scotia. Each piece is initialed by the artist.

Sailboat Tagua Pendant Handcarved by Acadian woodcarver Jamie Thibault

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Custom Tauga Wedding Rings by Jamie`s Carvings

Custom Tauga Wedding Rings by Jamie`s Carvings

Custom Made Tagua Wedding Band Set with Bark

Commissioned - SOLD

The wonderful tree and roots design was chosen by the client. Both tree designs are slightly different, so that both rings are truly unique.

Custom Made Tagua Wedding Band Set with Bark

Commissioned - SOLD

Slightly curved with bark all around one edge, these rings were custom designed, handcarved, polished and sealed with wax by Acadian carver Jamie Thibault. See more photos at

Acadian Star Fiddle by Jamie's Carvings

Acadian Star Fiddle by Woodcarver Jamie Thibault

Acadian Star Scroll hand carved from wavy maple.

Acadian Star Scroll

Back, belly, neck, ribs, blocks, bass bar all hand carved by Acadian woodcarver Jamie Thibault. This is Jamie’s second Fiddle - The Acadian Star

Acadian Star Fiddle

Fiddle Hand Carved in Clare Nova Scotia

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